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Track & Field Coach (Part Time) - Temporary
Under the supervision of the Issaquah Gliders' coaching staff, this position will assist in providing instruction that is appropriate for participants in kindergarten through fifth grade in ... 
(City of Issaquah - Job # 15-0018) Posted 01/29/15
Open until filled.
Aquatics Program 2015 *Multiple Positions Available - Full Time
City Of Kirkland 2015 Aquatics Program Open Positions:

Aquatics Program Supervisors Salary: $15.78 - $20.76 per hour
To provide effecti...
(City of Kirkland - Job # 14-0119) Posted 01/04/15
Closes: May 04, 2015 at 5:00 PM
Beach Manager - Recreation Specialist II - Temporary
This is a temporary employee position reporting to the Recreation Coordinator.  The Beach Manager is responsible for the supervision and training of a staff of temporary lifeguards and the ... 
(City of Mercer Island - Job # 15-0021) Posted 04/20/15
Open until filled.
Beach/Head Lifeguards - Recreation Specialist I / - Seasonal
This is a temporary employee position reporting to the Beach Manager & Recreation Coordinator.  Lifeguards are responsible for providing water safety and beach control at Luther Burbank... 
(City of Mercer Island - Job # 15-0008) Posted 02/06/15
Open until filled.
Building Inspector/ Code Enforcement Officer - Full Time
Performs building plan review and inspections for compliance with applicable codes. Participates in permitting operations, monitors code compliance cases in-progress to assure compliance with no... 
(City of Kenmore - Job # 15-0009) Posted 04/06/15
Open until filled.
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