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Apparel Production Assistant - Full Time - Contract - Full Time
General Responsibilities:

The Apparel Production Assistant contributes to the Mercer Island Thrift Shop’s success by maximizing store sales through skilled and efficient handlin...
(City of Mercer Island - Job # 17-0001) Posted 01/09/17
Open until filled.
Aquatics Positions *Multiple Positions Available - Seasonal
City Of Kirkland 2017 Aquatics Program Open Positions:

Aquatics Program Supervisors Salary: $15.78 - $20.76 per hour
To provide effecti...
(City of Kirkland - Job # 16-0142) Posted 12/16/16
Closes: May 05, 2017 at 11:30 PM
Art Education Specialist (Variable) - Variable
The Arts Education Specialist is responsible for planning, developing, and instructing a variety of art programs and events for youth and adults.  This position works closely with the Northwest A... 
(City of Bellevue - Job # 16-00322) Posted 12/29/16
Open until filled.
Assistant Beach Manager - Seasonal
This position assists with planning, organizing, implementing, coordinating, and supervising seasonal beach front programs and services at Pine Lake Park.  The work requires excellent commu... 
(City of Sammamish - Job # 16-0025) Posted 12/05/16
Open until filled.
Assistant City Attorney - Full Time
The Assistant City Attorney provides support to the City Attorney, and provides a variety of legal services to the City as necessary or as directed by the City Attorney.

(City of Mercer Island - Job # 16-0057) Posted 12/29/16
Open until filled.
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