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Police Support Officer - City of Redmond ( Job # 12-0055)

This job is closed.

Minimum Salary: $3,707.00 per month
Maximum Salary: $4,706.00 per month
Employment Type: Full Time
Department: Police
Closes: July 31, 2015 at 11:30 PM
(Open to current employees and the general public.)


Redmond Police Support Officers participate in activities that support the department's mission statement: "To provide quality policing in partnership with the community." Police Support Officers provide a variety of support services to the Police Department in areas of prisoner transportation, completing crime reports and responding to calls for assistance of non-criminal nature. Duties include, but are not limited to: responding to non-emergency and non-injury traffic collisions, investigating and completing required reports; installing and monitoring electronic home detention devices; assessing compliance with court sentencing directives of those persons assigned to the Electronic Home Detention program; observing or responding to complaints of illegal parking; conducting vehicle impound procedures; issuing notices of infractions; testifying in court; taking custody of persons arrested by police officers; completing arrest records; fingerprinting subjects; transporting subjects to detention facilities; receiving and processing evidence; maintaining evidence chain of custody; and performing marijuana identification. Also acts as the Department's vehicle and armory coordinator, conducting regular inspections of all vehicles and equipment, scheduling repairs, correcting supply deficiencies, and maintaining records.

Application Process:

For Police Support Officer positions, the City contracts with Public Safety Testing to provide testing. Application can be made by applying with Public Safety Testing or by clicking "Apply Now" for this position.  Successful candidates will then be contacted by the City of Redmond Police Department for further testing.

  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must be 21 years of age by date of eligibility list certification.
  • Must possess a valid, current WA state driver's license at time of appointment.
  • Must meet City driving record insurability standards.
  • Must satisfactorily complete the selection process.

One year of college classes desirable or any combination of education and experience that provides the following skills and abilities:

Skill in: observation and ability to remember names, faces and details of incidents; effective verbal communication; use of prisoner restraint equipment; utilizing portable radio equipment; operation of emergency equipment; handling frequent interruptions and shifting priorities; use of personal computer and software.

Ability to: communicate effectively in English both verbally and in writing and with persons in physical/emotional distress; analyze situations and adopt a quick, effective and appropriate course of action; overcome and restrain violent persons.

Working Conditions:

Work is performed both in the office and in the field in a variety of weather conditions. Physical effort may be required to restrain subjects in custody. Physical hazards exist from traffic collisions, unruly citizens and subjects in custody. Requires wearing a distinctive uniform, different from commissioned police officers. Carries non-lethal weapons; this position does not carry a firearm.


The City of Redmond provides a generous benefits package including: medical, dental and vision benefits; paid sick leave, vacation and holidays; retirement; and life insurance.

Selection Process:

Applicants who meet the minimum requirements will be invited to participate in the testing process.

Physical Ability:

This test measures aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, muscular strength and endurance. Complete instructions will be provided to candidates prior to actual testing. Test will be graded on a pass/fail basis.

Written Examination:

Upon passing the physical ability exam, applicants will continue on to the written exam and written exercise. The written exam consists of reading and writing skills relevant to police work. A passing score of 70% is required.

Written Exercise:

Examines report writing skills. A passing score of 60% is required.

Written Exercise:

Applicants will be given a writing assignment to complete. The exercise will evaluate writing skills. A passing score of 60% is required.

Oral Interviews:

Interviews will be scheduled for top applicants passing the physical ability, written examination and written exercise. A passing score of 70% is required.

Background Process:

Polygraph, psychological, drug screening, medical exam and extensive background investigations will also be required of selected candidates being considered for hire.

If an applicant has questions or concerns during or after any portion of the selection process regarding information on review, re-test, or an appeal on a decision made, a written request must be submitted. The written request from the applicant will be forwarded to the Redmond Civil Service Commission for review.

Veteran's Preference

Those requesting "veteran's preference" must complete the appropriate form at the time of the oral interview and provide a copy of their DD214.

Special Requirements:

Fulfillment of bargaining unit agreement membership is required within 30 days of hire. The City of Redmond has adopted a "no smoking" policy in all buildings and vehicles.

Must be able to attend Departmental training and obtain Basic First Aid and CPR Certification.  For entry level applicants: the selected candidate will attend a four (4) week corrections officer academy required by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.


Applicants who fail one of the phases of the testing process are eligible to reapply for this position after six (6) months from the date of examination. Applicants who fail a component of the background process are eligible to reapply for this position after thirty six (36) months from the date removed from the eligibility list.

Automatic Disqualifiers:

The City of Redmond Police Department will automatically disqualify any individual who has at any time:

  • Been convicted of a felony (or pled nolo contendere to a felony charge) or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Washington State, or has been incarcerated for any crime. 
  • Sold marijuana, narcotics or dangerous drugs. 
  • All illegal drug use will be closely scrutinized on a case by case basis. 
  • Had a pattern of abusing prescription medication.
  • Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces. 
  • Received more than two moving traffic violations within the preceding 3 years; or reckless driving violation within the preceding 5 years; or driving while license suspended within the preceding 5 years; or driving while intoxicated within the preceding five years. 
  • Been involved in more than one motor vehicle accident within the preceding 3 years for which the applicant received a traffic or criminal citation and was convicted, forfeited bail, or entered a plea of "guilty" or "nolo contendere." 
  • Been previously employed as a law enforcement agent and since has committed or violated federal, state or city laws pertaining to criminal activity. 
  • Committed any serious violation of Federal, State, City or County laws. 
  • Lied during any stage of the hiring process. 
  • Falsified his or her personal history questionnaire or application, or failed to disclose pertinent information. 
  • Been convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue. 
  • Unlawful sexual misconduct.
Discretionary Disqualifiers:

The following disqualifiers may, upon review by the Redmond Police Department, make you ineligible to become a City of Redmond Police Support Officer:

  • Alcohol or substance misuse and/or abuse.
  • Excessive traffic violations.
  • Commission of a felony.
  • A demonstrated unwillingness to honor fiscal contracts or just debts.
  • Any other conduct or pattern of conduct that would tend to disrupt, diminish, or otherwise jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession.  
  • An inability to perform the essential functions of a Police Support Officer.


Police Department
8701 160th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052