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Youth Sports Coach (1040) - City of Bellevue ( Job # 13-0121)

This job is closed.

Minimum Salary: $11.00 per hour
Maximum Salary: $12.20 per hour
Employment Type: Part Time
Department: Parks & Community Services
Closes: September 10, 2014 at 3:05 PM
(Open to current employees and the general public.)


The work group is looking for positive, energetic people to work in a variety of sports and recreation programs with youth ages 3-13. Experience working with sports and recreation programs and diverse youth desired.  This position will be responsible for leading youth programs, coaching the youth, and communicating with the parents/guardians of the program participants.

** Work hours will range from 2-18 hours per week (afternoons, evenings, Saturdays).  Location of position will vary based on program.




  • General knowledge of specific sports fundamentals (Soccer, Basketball and T-ball).
  • Present a neat and professional appearance.
  • Enthusiastic and positive outlook.
  • Embrace individual and group differences.
  • Willingness to participate in all program related activities.
  • Interest in seeking guidance and direction.
  • Knowledge of the principles, rules, materials and equipment in facility.
  • Work effectively and communicate with the public and fellow employees.
  • Follow written and oral instructions.
  • Assist in preparing written reports as assigned.
  • Must have Washington State Patrol form cleared.
  • 16 years of age to apply.
  • May be required to work evenings and weekends.
  • May require working outdoors programs.
  • May be required to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • May require strenuous activity.
  • May require lifting, bending, reaching, extended periods of time.
  • Assist with program set up and take down.


Physical Requirements

  • Will assist with program preparation and set up.
  • Job tasks involve work with youth or the elderly or are of such a nature that the employee may be called on to make physical interventions, push wheelchairs and load vans, etc.
  • Work will be performed primarily outdoors, at least 80% of the time.
  • Work will be physically demanding (participation in athletics, lifting heavy loads, cleaning barns, long hours, potentially dangerous situations, animals, etc.).


Definition of a 1040

There is no specific end date for employees in this status. Therefore, working in this status can be on going for as long as required by business necessity. However, employees in this status cannot work more than 1,040 hours per calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

  • On-Going Work of the City - Hired to work a maximum of 20 hours or fewer per week on an on-going basis, as long as 1,040 hours within a 12-month period of time are not exceeded.
  • On-Call – Hired to work on a substitute or on-call basis with no guaranteed minimum hours of work, as long as 1,040 hours within a 12-month period of time are not exceeded.
  • Combination Jobs - Can be hired to fill a combination of jobs as long as 20 hours per week or 1,040 hours within a 12-month period of time are not exceeded.
  • Periods of Full Time - Can be assigned to work more than 20 hours per week up to full time on a temporary basis without transforming the assignment to a benefited position, as long 1,040 hours within a 12-month period of time are not exceeded.
  • If the employee exceeds working 1,040 hours within a 12-month period of time in any capacity described above, the employee must be off payroll until January 1 of the new year.
  • Must be hired through the Informal Selection Process.
  • At-will for the duration of the 1040 Part Time status.


How To Apply

Click "Apply Now" to complete the application for this position.  For further information about the job, please contact Ted Mittelstaedt via email at or at 425.452.4882.  If you need technical assistance with the online application, please contact our IT helpdesk at 425.452.4340.


South Bellevue Community Center
14509 SE Newport Wy
Bellevue, WA 98006