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Half Time Limited Term Recreation Coordinator - City of Kenmore ( Job # 19-0002)

This job is closed.

Minimum Salary: $2,186.00 per month
Maximum Salary: $3,016.00 per month
Employment Type: Part Time
Department: Executive
Closes: March 29, 2019 at 5:00 PM. Applications first reviewed on: Monday, March 11, 2019
(Open to current employees and the general public.)


This part time Recreation Coordinator position, with little direct supervision, plans, communicates, and coordinates recreation activities and programs. Works with local non-profit groups and leagues to coordinate recreation programs as well as with volunteers to leverage the resources of the community for recreation purposes. Prorated employee benefits are provided. Because of the small number of City employees, each staff member is expected to perform a wide range of office and field duties as may be required from time to time.

Essebtial Duties and Responsibilites
  • Coordinates the resources of volunteers, non-profit organizations, and other agencies to develop, facilitate, and promote recreation activities and programs.
  • Serves as primary contact and liaison between the City and organizations contracting with the City for use of City facilities. Examples include summer camps or concessionaires.
  • Serves as primary contact and liaison with the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center and other waterfront recreation groups.  
  • Serves as primary contact and liaison with the Kenmore Senior Center. 
  • Develops and maintains a list of existing recreation providers within the City and surrounding area and provides this information on the City’s website under a Recreation heading.
  • Develops and maintains an online and hardcopy Recreation Guide. Develops other promotional material for recreation programming and facilities.
  • Serves in lead role to develop visioning and prioritization of recreation needs across age groups and the community.
  • Supports community groups and nonprofits in the development of new recreation programs; provides support to grow and improve existing programs provided by the community.
  • Oversees facility rentals including:  management of reservations, rental agreements, and coordinating facility set-up and use with the renter and other city departments.
  • Negotiates, executes, and manages contracts with recreation organizations that use city facilities in exchange for recreational programming.
  • Negotiates and manages recreation concession agreements.
  • Assists the Volunteer & Events Supervisor with city events including management of volunteers.
  • Collects data from recreation providers and prepare reports on recreation program participation and other performance indicators.
  • Coordinates with other departments as necessary in the planning and support of recreation programs run by other organizations.
  • Responds to recreation programming-related questions or requests for information via phone, email or in person.
  • Ensures compliance with all insurance and other regulations.
  • Prepares orientation packets for partnering organizations and their staff and volunteers.
  • Prepares and distributes communication and outreach materials for recreation programs.
  • Speaks at community meetings and other groups about recreation programs in the city.
  • Attends various recreation events and participates in volunteer projects.
  • Provides report(s) to City Manager and City Council on relevant programs.

Because of the small number of City employees, each staff member is expected to perform a wide range of office and field duties as may be required from time to time.

Knowledge and Skills

Requires knowledge and experience and in, organizing, planning, developing, and managing various recreation programs. Experience coordinating with other organizations and/or volunteers in relation to programming.  Knowledge of and/or experience with contract management. Requires knowledge of office practices, procedures and equipment, including filing systems, and letter and report writing. Requires a working knowledge of municipal services organization/structure and processes. Requires a working knowledge of personal computer-based software programs that support this level of work, including but not limited to word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, design, website content or other special applications used by the City. Requires sufficient math skills to perform financial record keeping. Requires sufficient knowledge of proper English usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation to prepare professional correspondence. Requires well-developed human relation skills to work productively and cooperatively with diverse teams and exercise patience when dealing with internal and external customers.


Requires the ability to independently perform all the duties of the position and to exercise judgment and discretion in making significant business decisions. Requires the ability to work irregular hours and schedules including evenings, weekends and holidays to attend meetings, conduct meetings and scheduled events. Requires the ability to physically participate in the set up and tear down of events. Requires the ability to develop and manage a budget; work closely with recreation organizations, including their staff, board members, and volunteers; recruit, select, and supervise volunteers; and interpret and apply policies and procedures to ambiguous situations. Requires the ability to use sound judgment when making decisions, interpretations, and in communications with others; Requires the ability to plan, organize and prioritize work to meet schedules and timelines. Requires the ability to communicate with staff, customers, and the public using patience and courtesy, and in a manner that reflects positively on the City. Requires the ability to work as contributing member of a team, work productively and cooperatively with other teams and external customers, and convey a positive image of the City and its services.

Requires the ability to function primarily indoors in an office environment although attendance at outdoor volunteer and community events will be part of the job.  Requires sufficient ambulatory ability to move about the office and to off-site locations.  Requires auditory ability to carry on audience, ordinary, and telephonic conversation.  Requires near and far visual acuity to read detailed maps, drawings, other printed material, computer screens, and observe physical layouts.  Requires manual and finger dexterity to write and to operate computers and other office equipment. Requires the ability to alternatively sit and stand for sustained periods of time. Requires the ability to occasionally lift objects weighing approximately 30 pounds. Requires driving ability in order to transport oneself in and around Kenmore and King County.  

Education and Experience

The position typically requires a bachelor’s degree and three years of experience in recreation management, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Requires a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.

A criminal background check will be performed as a condition of employment.

Working Condtions

Work is performed indoors and outdoors where some safety considerations exist from physical labor and handling of medium weight, yet, awkward materials. Weekend and evening work are occasionally required. Meeting attendance may be required outside normal business hours.

Service Vision

Join us in our Service Vision:

Propelling Kenmore Upward! We Create a Thriving Community; We Help People Love Where They Live!


City of Kenmore
18120 68th Ave NE
Kenmore, WA 98028